Edgar T Wilson

Edgar T Wilson

I'm an analyst.

Edgar Wilson writes on trends in health, education, and global affairs. He studied conflict resolution and international relations and has worked in a variety of industries.

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Core competencies of meaningful use for people, organizations, and ...

Core competencies of meaningful use for people, org...


HIE Answers - Applying the Lessons of Meaningful Use to Interoperability

Politicians, providers, and programmers across the country by now know (or should) that bringing on an enterprise EHR system does not transform care delivery or clinical operations overnight....


HIE Answers - 4 Tech Challenges Stalling Transitions of Care Solutions

During transitions of care, prescriptions get lost or mixed up, collaboration and communication between providers is weak, and many patients fall off the grid....

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HIE Answers - High-Tech Healthcare Still Missing Teamwork

Experts across the spectrum of healthcare alike are singling-out the central problem withholding the full value of emerging technology: management....


HIE Answers - Interoperability: Man vs Machine

Achieving interoperability is not just a technical hurdle: it is a challenge to the thinking of medical professionals....